Saturday, 3 January 2015

Juxtapose 2014 (25 September), JNU, New Delhi. Day 2 Sessions 1 & 2 Videos

Day 2
Day 2, Session 1:
Opening Remarks: Prof. Varun Sahni (SIS, JNU);
Keynote: Prof. Dhruv Raina (JNU)
Keynote Roundtable: Dr. Arik Moran; Prof. Dhruv Raina; Prof. S. Irfan Habib (Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Chair, NUEPA)

Day 2, Session 2:
Chair: Prof. Gupta
Discussants: Prof. Madhu Bhala (Delhi University); Prof. Nimmi Kurian (Centre for Policy Research)
Presenters: Anmol Mukhia (SIS, JNU); Dr. Aadya Shukla (MIT/Harvard)
After a fascinating keynote speech and roundtable on “The Needham Question” by eminent scholar Prof. Dhruv Raina, Day 2 was split between policy and strategy in the first half, and co-production practice in the second, followed by an industry keynote. Anmol Mukhia, a graduate student from JNU, and Dr. Aadya Shukla a computer scientist and member of the organising team based at MIT and Harvard, provided a complimentary, exciting session that contributed interesting insights, and one of the highlights of the conference. The former made a comparison between contemporary use of Sun Zi’s Art of War in national defence discourse in the PRC, and the use of the work of Indian political strategist Kautilya in the same context in India. Dr. Aadya Shukla, meanwhile, discussed the cyber security/cyber governance strategies of India and China in a comparative framework. This interlacing of strategic modes from ancient sources to the ever-changing fluidity of contemporary forms, proved very stimulating, and challenged both the ways in which ancient wisdom should and could be employed for contemporary threats, and the ways in which nations and their cyber realms can be understood. It also provided different but very enlightening methodological insights.

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