Friday, 2 January 2015

Weaving New Stories: Interviews with Musicians from Juxtapose 2014 and Concert videos

One of the highlights of Juxtapose 2014 was:

Weaving New Stories, an evening of arts inspired by India, China and the Spaces Between.

Day 1 concluded with an evening concert featuring original music composed and performed by JNU students and professional musicians, alongside spoken word readings and visual arts by Santiniketan-based artist Wu Weixing. The programme was focused on relations between India and China and their border regions, and expressed profoundly the bittersweet nature of such experiences. The concert was managed and orchestrated by JNU graduate student and member of the organising committee Zhang Yang. 

Performers in alphabetical order: Shri Sukanta Bhajpayee (Tabla), Luna Moni Das, Danielle de Feo-Giet (both Spoken Word), Tsetan Dolkar (Voice and spoken word), Anandajit Goswami (Composition, Raga and Voice), Ringzin Lamo (Voice),  Saransh Sugandh (Composition and Voice), Ma Yuge (Spoken Word), Dr. Vishal (Sitar), Yoko Watanabe (Flute), and Zhang Yang (Guitar and Voice). 

Visual Artist: Wu Weixing.

MCs: Dr. Aadya Shukla and Tsetan Dolkar.

Videos of the event and interviews with the musicians are below:

The Concert:

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